2020/21 Gender Pay Gap Reporting Deadline extended

gender pay gap

As you may be aware, last March, shortly after pandemic restrictions were announced, the Government Equalities Office said it would suspend compulsory reporting of 2019/20 figures.

The EHRC have now put out a rather complicated notice that basically says that they won’t be chasing anyone for 6 months, to 5 October 2021.  To clarify:

  • March/April snapshot data from 2019, which should have been reported in 2020, was suspended, so effectively there is no requirement to submit 2019/20 data
  • March April snapshot data from 2020, which should be reported in 2021, will not be followed up for 6 months. So 2020/21 data does need submitting but businesses with more than 250 employees will have until October to do so.

Full Government guidance available here

gender pay gap