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ACAS news (2): Code of practice – disciplinary & grievance procedures

companionWhat do we already know?

In our February Newsflash ACAS Code – disciplinary & grievance procedures we updated you that ACAS had published a draft revised Code of Practice on Disciplinary and Grievance Procedures which provides new guidance relating to a worker’s right to be accompanied.

What’s new?

The above ACAS Code has been approved by Parliament in its entirety and came into effect on 11 March 2015. It is available here. The Code confirms that an employer must agree to a worker’s request to be accompanied by any chosen companion – as long as the companion is a relevant union representative or work colleague. It also states that a worker can change their chosen companion without waiving their right to change again.

ACAS has also updated page 24 of its non-statutory guide, Discipline and grievances at work: the ACAS guide, available here to make it clear that employers can allow employees to be accompanied by companions who are not a fellow worker, or trade union representative or official.

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