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Employment Tribunal Witness Training

Employment Tribunal Witness Training

Employment tribunals are now a fact of life for many companies, large and small.   As the number of tribunal claims continues to rise so do the chances of employers encountering an employment tribunal.  Additionally we’re seeing an increase in the length and complexity of claims.

We recognise that, for many people, the preparation of materials for an employment tribunal is daunting enough.  The prospect of giving evidence and actually being cross-examined can be especially intimidating.

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Who is this training for?

HR practitioners, executives and managers (as well as others who may be required to appear as a witnesses) can all benefit from this training.  In fact, it is for anyone needs to enhance their understanding of employment tribunal procedure and etiquette.

Our training develops the skills required for witnesses to effectively present themselves when giving evidence.   It provides a valuable professional skill as well as the advantage of acquainting attendees with the experience of giving evidence in a safe and supportive learning environment.  This is far better than experiencing it for the first time in an employment tribunal!

This participative and engaging workshop gives employment tribunal witnesses real confidence.  It prepares them for exactly what to expect when faced with a live tribunal.

What can delegates expect?

Our Witness Familiarisation Training consists of an interactive half-day workshop which combines the hard knowledge as well as the soft skills to allow participants to:

  • Develop an understanding of Employment Tribunal procedure during a hearing.
  • Learn the theory, practice and procedure of giving evidence.
  • Demonstrate the skills to give clear and confident evidence and deal with cross-examination.
  • Build confidence in appearing as a witness in an Employment Tribunal.

This workshop has been designed by and is delivered by our lawyers.  They all have extensive Employment Tribunal experience.




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