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Blog: Make us glow!

We always love to hear success stories from our clients. It’s fantastic when we find out (often via LinkedIn) that one of the businesses we work with has just won an award for bringing catering innovation to the care sector, or successfully completed a massive construction project, or that one of ‘our’ college clients is announcing spectacular exam results. After all, the whole point of our work is to enable your business or organisation to do its stuff as effectively and successfully as possible. When you share your success with us, it gives us a lovely glow of pride – a bit like Great-Auntie Doris on the sherry in the corner of a graduation party.

With that in mind, there was one successful client that I really wanted to let you know about. United World Schools is a UK charity set up to build and run schools where there are none. They’ve grown hugely in the past 7 years, and we’ve helped them take their first steps in employing a UK staff base. They work in Cambodia, Myanmar and Nepal and, to be honest, before I got to know about their work I really wasn’t aware that basic elementary schooling is still not available to 59 million children worldwide. The first United World School opened its doors in 2009, and now they are celebrating passing the milestone of getting 50 schools open (actually 52!) with plans to get to 150 in the next three years. Since 2009 the charity has enrolled over 10,000 children into education. Sustainable funding is based around working with more affluent partner schools in 16 different countries, giving children the chance to develop a real connection with those in very different circumstances. Every time I work with them I’m humbled by all the fantastic stuff they do.

If you want to check out their website, it’s here If your organisation has something to shout about then please do let us know on LinkedIn or via the @MenziesLaw twitter account.  Go on – make us glow. (‘Sherry? Don’t mind if I do…’)

United World Schools  United World Schools United World Schools

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