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Blog: Perhaps the ultimate car-related benefit?

I have recently been involved in a 4-car shunt, so I have every sympathy for anyone trying to sort their car insurance just now.  Being in the middle of the shunt and having missed the car in front twice before the 4th car hit us all so hard I finally hit it, I am fortunate enough to be in the middle of a no-blame claim.  My car is insured for business and personal use and the whole process has been relatively simple but oh so time-consuming.  It has all taken up far too many hours of my time.

This got me thinking about the best car-related benefits I have seen offered by my clients.  I’ve seen discounted roadside recovery and cheap car hire.  Discounted insurance policies are also frequently on the list.  But having been through this recently, I think I would give an award (and possibly my undying loyalty) to the company that offers me someone else to deal with the process of an insurance claim – the ability to make just one call at the very start and it’s then all sorted, from the faff of making insurance claim itself through to accident repair company, replacement vehicle delivery and pick up, solicitor conversations and calls with the other parties involved.  Failing that, unrestricted time in working hours to deal with the calls and issues that come up would in my view be a very nice alternative.

If you know anyone who provides that utopia, or provides any unusual car-related benefits, I would be very interested to hear.

But in the meantime, if you are interested in knowing how to tie your benefits into your pay and reward framework so that you have a holistic and strategic approach, just honk (or rather, email me!)

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