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An unconscionable fee: a case study

This case illustrates some of the work we regularly do for usually small employers who find themselves in a difficult position regarding a recruitment agency’s fees. It is a situation which is more common than you might think, and we have had three similar situations with other clients on the same point recently. The challenge…
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Effective cause: a case study

This case study touches on a key theme of agency law and fees – whether the agency can prove that its work was the ‘effective cause’ of the client’s hire of the candidate.  It’s an issue that we regularly help our clients with, both agencies and clients of agencies. The challenge Under well-established agency law,…
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Back-door hire: a case study

This case study illustrates a situation that we are asked to help with often, namely a ‘back-door hire’ where a recruitment agency has introduced a candidate to a client; the client has not hired the candidate at that time; but a short time later the client hires the candidate directly, usually without telling the agency.…
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