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Government reforms (6):  Guidance – holiday pay

What do we already know? We updated you in our April Newsletter Government reforms (2): April changes – are you ready? that from 6 April 2020 the period over which average holiday pay is calculated for employees without normal working hours, or who have variable remuneration, is being extended from 12 to 52 weeks. What’s…
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Guidance (2): Miscarriage Association

The Miscarriage Association has published a leaflet (available here), that contains information and advice for employers on how to support staff affected by miscarriage during their employment. It includes information on the signs and symptoms of miscarriage, suggestions of how to deal with an employee’s time off work and return to work.  It also summarises…
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Guidance (1): ECHR on sexual harassment

sexual harrassment in the workplace
The Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) has issued up-to-date practical guidance (available here), which explains employers’ legal responsibilities and the practical steps they should take to prevent and respond to harassment and victimisation at work. The guidance also provides advice for workers to help them understand the law and their employer’s obligations to prevent…
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Data Protection: ICO Data Hub & Subject Access Requests

data protection
1. Data Hub The Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) has launched a data protection web hub (available here) for small and medium enterprises (SMEs). The hub contains: an assessment SMEs and sole traders can use to measure their businesses’ standard of data protection; FAQs related to data protection; hot topics for small businesses; guidance and tools…
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Bank Holidays: Christmas and beyond…

may 8th 2020
Dealing with bank holidays, including over the Christmas holidays, can cause headaches for employers.  To add to the complications, this year the Government decided to change the 2020 May Bank Holiday.  We unpick some of these issues below. 1. Christmas Employers may receive requests from employees who either want to work the bank holidays over…
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Government reforms: Holiday Guidance and Calculator

The Government has updated its guidance on holiday entitlement (available here). It explains how to work out statutory holiday entitlement for a worker who works a full leave year, and calculating holiday for staff that start or leave part way through the year. The Government has also published an Excel holiday calculator (available here), which…
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Case update (2):  Human Rights and Covert Monitoring

covert recording
Summary: Did covert surveillance of employees under suspicion of theft breach their Article 8 right to private life? No, held the European Court of Human Rights in López Ribalda and others v Spain available here. Background:  Organisations often want to check systems are being used correctly and employees are behaving properly. Some want to use…
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New Guidance – 1. ACAS Guidance: Menopause at work

World Menopause Day took place on Friday 18 October 2019 and ACAS took the opportunity to publish new guidance (available here) to help support staff who are affected by menopause symptoms at work. As well as guidance for employers, there are also tips for workers on how to raise any concerns. Key points include: Create…
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Government reforms (1):  Top Tip for Staff

What do we already know? We mentioned in our October 2018 Newsletter (Government Reforms (3): Top tips for staff) that the Government intended to introduce new legislation to ensure that tips left for workers would go to them in full. What’s new? In the Queen’s Speech on 14 October 2019, it was announced that the…
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Case update (3): Unfair Dismissal and Investigations

What do we already know? We updated you in our August 2016 Newsletter (Case update (2): Unfair dismissal:  HR teams careful where you tread…) on the case of Dronsfield v University of Reading. The EAT confirmed that HR’s involvement in a disciplinary investigation, which goes beyond simply providing advice as to process, can compromise the…
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