December 2019 Newsletter

Seasons greetings! If you’re full of Christmas spirit like us then let us entertain you with our last 2019 employment law/HR news before the celebrations (rightly) take over.  Although we can’t yet peer into the Christmas future (we’ll let the snow flakes settle on the general election result first!), we can update you on dealing…
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November 2019 Newsletter

South West CIPD’s Employment Law Day at UWE
It’s November and although we can’t promise any HR/employment law ‘fireworks’ in this newsletter (it’s been quiet!) we can update you on the Government’s response to the Women and Equalities Select Committee’s (WESC) report on the use of Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs).  We also update you on the potential push to increase the amount of employer…
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October 2019 Newsletter

It’s October, and if the trick or treat of Brexit (depending on your point of view) is getting you down, we hope to help (rather than haunt) you with the warm bath of our latest newsletter.  Employee spirits should be raised (get it?) by the Government’s proposed law to ensure employers pass on tips in full,…
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September 2019 Newsletter

picture of a college class room
Now that the summer is a distant memory and we’re all firmly ‘back to school’, it is normally to be expected that Parliament gets back to passing legislation including employment law.  However, we all know that the words ‘normal’ and ‘Parliament’ are not going to sit well together at the moment.  While we watch with…
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August 2019 Newsletter

It’s the end of August, and soon the ‘back to school’ season for all, including Parliament (insert your own political joke here…). However, before the summer slowdown the Government did get busy publishing consultations on supporting the family in the workplace and non-traditional employees. In this newsletter we will update you on these and the Government’s…
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July 2019 Newsletter

It’s July, and whether you’re holidaying abroad or enjoying a staycation in the UK, you will be glad (or maybe not!) of the record breaking temperatures across Europe.  Not to be outdone, the Government is also busy turning up the heat and we bring news of no less than three consultation exercises on new legislation: on…
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June 2019 Newsletter

It’s June, supposedly the first month of summer and warm, long, sunny days.  However, if like us you don’t remember any of these lately, then keep in mind that June is National Smile Month and cheer yourselves up by reading our latest update on HR/Employment law news!  Although smiles may fade when we mention Brexit, at…
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May 2019 Newsletter

It’s May, and hopefully the bank holidays have provided an opportunity for rest and recuperation – very appropriate in the month of Mental Health Awareness week.  It’s also been the month of new beginnings with the birth of royal baby Archie (but a seemingly painful end to Danny Baker’s time at the BBC). It also…
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April 2019 Newsletter

It’s April and we hope you had an egg-cellent Easter break and were not too shell-shocked to be back to work.  It’s difficult to ovoid (sorry) egg puns once you get going. To help you get cracking (sorry again) we’ve hunted out the most up-to-date HR/Employment Law news for you.  We feed back on the…
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March 2019 Newsletter

spring flowers
It’s March and in keeping with the spirit of Spring, we’re leaping forward into April to see what changes are in store for employers.  We also update you on the Government’s consultation on confidentiality clauses (or ‘NDA’s) and new guidance on holiday pay for staff with no fixed hours or rates of pay. In our…
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