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Blog: Never discuss religion or politics

Joanne Sefton, Specialist Employment Lawyer at Menzies Law
“Never discuss religion or politics”. This sage advice has been around for at least a century. But in these days of Brexit and Trump, politics seems harder and harder to avoid and religion has got wrapped up in it in a way it hasn’t been – or at least not in the UK – for…
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Case update (1): Unfair dismissal – facebook

Summary: Was it fair to dismiss an employee who had made derogatory comments about his employer on Facebook two years before his dismissal, where his employer had been aware of the misconduct during this period? Yes, says the EAT in British Waterways Board v Smith,  available here. Facts: Mr Smith was employed by British Waterways…
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Case update (2): Social media – unfair dismissal

Summary: Was an employee unfairly dismissed for tweeting non-work related but offensive comments from a personal Twitter account? No, says the EAT in Game Retail Ltd v Laws available here. Facts: The employee, Mr Laws, was the employer, Game Retails Ltd.’s, risk and loss prevention investigator. He opened a Twitter account (which didn’t specifically link…
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December 2012 case update

Green light for (sensible) retirement conversations Summary: Can employers hold retirement conversations with employees without committing age discrimination? Yes, says an Employment Tribunal, as long as these discussions form part of “sensible succession planning”. The case is Quick v Cornwall Council and another. Facts: Mrs Quick was the headmistress of one of four primary schools…
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