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Blog: Menopause – the last workplace taboo? Part 2

In my previous blog on menopause in the workplace, I mentioned that I’d never been asked to advise anyone on the subject.  So is there any law that might be relevant, you may ask.  Yes indeed! Legal framework On the basis that menopause is a medical condition which only affects women – and usually only…
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Blog: Employment Law changes to look out for in 2019: Our Hot 10 topics

10 years ago this month I threw both caution and a final salary pension to the wind in order to run off and create Menzies Law.  I can’t quite believe it’s been that long.  Perhaps that’s why it was only just before this Christmas that I finally updated my LinkedIn profile photo.  What a journey…
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Blog: Disability – back to basics (Part 2)

Following on from my recent blog, I thought I would look at another aspect of disability discrimination law that makes it unique within the word of discrimination/equality law: the issue of whether the employer (or potential employer in a recruitment scenario) had knowledge of the person’s disability. It’s what you know Disability discrimination differs from…
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Blog: Blimey, can you still get that?

jane balaam
Sometimes I feel Job Evaluation is a bit like my favourite tipple – Babycham – although I’ve been a fan of Babycham slightly longer than I have job evaluation (I was always a sucker for anything that came with a cherry on top – cherry bakewells for instance). Like many, I started out on Babycham…
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August 2018 Newsletter – Education sector

It’s August and the holiday season, which combined with Parliament’s long summer break, hasn’t left much time for HR/Employment law. However, the summer slowdown hasn’t stopped developments altogether and we bring you the latest news on the Government’s decision to ‘caste’ out this form of discrimination  from legislation and guidance on post-Brexit status for EU…
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