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Coronavirus (Covid-19): Returning from abroad – Self isolation guidance

What do we already know?

We updated you in our September Newsletter Coronavirus (Covid-19): Returning from abroad – self-isolation guidance  that the Government published new guidance (available here) for employers and employees on the rules relating to self-isolation after returning to the UK from countries without a travel corridor (or ‘air-bridge’).

What’s new?

ACAS has also issued guidance on this (available here).  The guidance emphasises in particular that flexibility should be afforded to employees who are travelling abroad because of family emergencies or the death of a family member outside the UK; for example, by extending paid or unpaid compassionate leave, where necessary.

Further, although the guidance acknowledges that employees required to self-isolate following travel abroad are not entitled to statutory sick pay (SSP), it suggests employers could consider paying sick pay if the employee cannot work from home. This would discourage employees who might be tempted not to declare international travel and to breach the quarantine rules by coming to work in order to be paid.


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