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Coronavirus (Covid-19): Returning from abroad – self isolation guidance

The Government has published new guidance (available here) for employers and employees on the rules relating to self-isolation after returning to the UK.

The guidance covers those who are returning from a country without an ‘air-bridge’ (i.e. a quarantine exemption).  For the list of those countries with air-bridges see here. The list is continuously updated with the most recent changes including the removal of Belgium, the Netherlands and France from the list, as well as Spain before that.

The guidance briefly sets out the possible options available to employees who are required to self-isolate after a period abroad, including working from home or taking a period of annual or unpaid leave. It also provides a strong reminder to employers that the dismissal of employees who are required to self-isolate should be a last resort, and states that Tribunals will consider all the relevant facts around a dismissal, which could include public health guidance on coronavirus.

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