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Government Reforms (1):  Tackling Gender Inequality  & Workplace Sexual Harassment Consultation

1. Tackling Gender Inequality

The Government Equalities Office (GEO) has published Gender equality at every stage: a roadmap for change (available here), which sets out the Government’s proposals to tackle key drivers of gender inequality.

The key proposals to tackle gender inequality include:

1.1 Strengthening equality legislation

1.2 Closing the Gender Pay Gap

1.3 Review of shared parental leave and pay scheme

1.4 Employment rights for carers

1.5 Pensions equalisation


2. Consultation – Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

The Government Equalities Office (GEO) has published a consultation on sexual harassment in the workplace (available here).  The consultation explores the existing protections for workers and how these could potentially be strengthened.

The GEO have split the consultation into two parts:

The technical consultation focuses on the details of the legal system, whereas the online questions invite the views and experiences of members of the public, to help the Government understand people’s lived reality of the technical issues. The consultation explains that anyone is welcome to contribute to either or both processes, but as a general rule it is recommended that members of the public engage with the public consultation, and that organisations respond to the technical consultation.

Overall, the consultation asks for views on the following:

The consultation also confirms that work is underway to introduce a statutory Code of Practice on sexual harassment and harassment at work on which there will be separate consultation. The EHRC will release technical guidance later this year which will form the basis of the Code of Practice.

The consultation closes on 2 October 2019.

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