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Government reforms (2): Immigration Act 2016 – Clamping down on illegal working

the-right-to-work-in-the-uk-250What do we already know?

We updated you in our June 2015 Newsflash Queens speech that the Government proposed to introduce “tougher labour market regulation” to tackle illegal working and exploitation through the Immigration Bill.

What’s new?

On 12 May 2016, the final step (Royal Assent) was taken in respect of the Immigration Bill meaning that it is now the Immigration Act 2016 and can now become law.

This Act will bring about some significant changes, not only through a tougher approach to illegal working and exploitation of migrant workers but also by introducing English-speaking requirements for some employment.

In particular the Act includes:

The Immigration Act will become law in stages on dates to be announced.

We’ll give more detail on each aspect nearer its implementation date so watch this space…

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