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May 2018 Newsletter – Education sector

It’s May and we hope the excitement of the royal wedding and the fabulous sunshine  had a positive impact on you and all your staff.  Hopefully, the relief of getting to the GDPR finish line has also lifted spirits and you’re ready for the next instalment of HR/employment law news. (Although we do have just one last word for you on GDPR guidance – sorry!). We also update you on increase in Tribunal awards and dress code guidance from the Government.

In our case update we bring further news on shared parental leave pay and sex discrimination, from when notice starts to run and the impact of no oral modification clauses when it comes to varying contracts.

What we’ve been doing in the Education sector recently…

I hope you have got through the pain of becoming GDPR-compliant by now. Once the new policies, privacy notices and processes are in place it’s likely that – as before – data protection will rarely need to be a significant item on your radar. The other good news is that, whichever way we ‘Brexit’, it’s highly unlikely that we will need to make any changes to our data protection legislation: what we now have will be suitable whatever the scope of our continued relationship with the EU.

If you still have ‘consent to data processing’ clauses in your employment contracts, as I’m sure many of you will, there is no need to worry about needing to rush to negotiate their removal. Now that your new GDPR privacy policy/notice says that you will be relying on reasons other than ‘consent’, these consent clauses will simply wither on the vine and can be removed next time you update your employment contracts. In the meantime, their continued presence should not cause any problems.

Luke Menzies
Director, Barrister and Solicitor
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