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May 2020 Newsletter

It’s May and we hope the warmer, sunnier days are helping with the ‘new normal’ and are having a positive impact on you and all your staff.  We hope that our unavoidable focus on the workplace implications of Coronavirus (COVID-19) does not dampen the spirits, but rather helps to illuminate those issues which have had less exposure.  These include an update on all things furlough, Coronavirus Emergency Volunteering Leave, changes to the rules on carry over of holiday, and guidance on how to safely remain open during Coronavirus (COVID-19).  We also update you on the Government’s guidance on the new Parental Bereavement Leave and calculating holiday pay for staff without normal working hours.

In our case update this month we look at the Supreme Court’s decision on the vicarious liability of employers for independent contractors.


What we’ve been doing recently…

As you might expect, the last 6 weeks for us have been almost nothing but advising on the furlough scheme and things associated with that.  It’s been hectic – but of course nothing compared with what key workers are involved in, and it’s simply a pleasure to be of some small use during this horrid time.

As we enter the second week of May we’re starting to see an increase in requests for advice on making redundancies and other steps to reduce the pay bill as we slowly start to contemplate returns to the workplace.

There will be a huge amount of mixed emotions amongst staff as we move into the next stage and many contemplate returning to work.  I expect you’ll agree with me that work may never quite be the same again, hopefully in a range of positive ways.

There will be a lot of very anxious colleagues, worried about what a return to the physical workplace could mean for them, as I addressed in my latest blog, Anxiety and returning to the workplace, and I urge us all to be mindful and compassionate about this very real and entirely understandable fear, even if it may come out in odd ways with some staff.



Just as we are going to press, we’re aware that the Government has issued new guidance about the next stage of the lockdown.  We will be digesting that new information over the next few days and will share any important HR/legal news with you via our blogs


Menzies Law webinars

video callWe hope you will join us for the first of 3 webinars on current employment law topics. 

Our first webinar on Thursday 28th May at 10am delves into the employment law issues arising from returning to work.   Luke Menzies, Anne-Marie Boyle and Tamsin James will consider this complex topic and will answer the following sorts of questions:

You can expect an up-to-date interpretation of the latest government guidance and as a practical approach to navigating the employment law aspects of a post-lockdown workplace. 

CLICK HERE for more information, tickets and registration


Luke Menzies launches new coaching practice

Luke Menzies CoachingLuke has formally launched his new executive, business and personal coaching service, Luke Menzies Coaching.

Luke has trained with two leading coach training institutions, the ILM (Level 7 in Executive Coaching & Mentoring) and the Co-Active Coaching Institute (CTI), which sets the global gold standard in coaching training.

Luke is already coaching a number of CEOs and other senior executives from amongst our Menzies Law clients, and welcomes interest from others.

A free, no-commitment sample coaching session is available for anyone interested in finding out more about Luke’s style of coaching, the philosophy behind it and what’s involved.


Here are all of the items we cover this month:

And finally, our ‘nothing to do with employment law’ bit: Radical Candor Podcast

You may have heard of Silicon Valley CEO and coach Kim Scott and her bestselling leadership book, Radical Candour. You may not know that she also has a great podcast.


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