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Menzies Law Newsletter 2021 Issue 4

Welcome to our fourth Newsletter of the year.  Following the lifting of restrictions on 19th July we have mixed emotions about the path ahead.  Over the last few weeks most of the Menzies Law team have been subject to a series of isolations and we won’t be alone, many of you will be dealing with the same challenges, particularly if you have school-age children.

We’ve plenty to update you on in this issue; the implications of the Government’s announcement of mandatory vaccinations for care home staff; changes to the right to work check process from 1 July for EU citizens who want to continue to live and work in the UK and we also look at ACAS’s report on the practice of ‘fire and rehire’.  This has made headline news recently due to its use by high profile employers during the pandemic.

Our case update looks at two Employment Appeal Tribunal’s decisions; one on the subject of whether gender critical beliefs qualify for protection as a philosophical belief and the other on whether a breach of the implied duty to take care of health and safety can only be ‘cured’ as a breach before it becomes a fundamental breach.  We also consider the Court of Appeal’s decision that events after the date of the discriminatory act are irrelevant when deciding whether an employee is disabled.

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And lastly, our nothing to do with employment law bit…

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