Menzies Law Newsletter 2021 Issue 6

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Welcome to our final Newsletter of 2021.  It’s a bumper edition which we hope you get to absorb over a mince pie or two.

It’s good to know that the Government is busy again on projects other than Covid and furlough.  This issue we share details on the consultation proposing to make flexible working a day-one right for employees and previous Government consultations on carers’ leave and on tips.  ACAS has also been active, publishing its views on the notorious practice of ‘fire & re-hire’ (otherwise known as ‘dismissal and re-engagement’).   You’ll also find information on new ACAS guidance on the need for vaccination for care home staff and the Government’s plans to require the same for frontline staff working in health and social care services.

Our employment case update considers:

  • decisions from the Court of Appeal on worker status and substitution
  • a decision from the Supreme Court on making direct offers to employees during the collective bargaining process.
  • EAT decisions on disability discrimination in the context of both the menopause and post-dismissal knowledge; unfair dismissal and the reason for dismissal; and capability dismissals and the fairness of a final written warning.

What we’ve been doing recently…

Read about these topics of news:

  • Our November Employment Law Update
  • Some themes and top tips
  • Christmas & New Year Office Closure
  • Giving back – what Menzies Law has done this year

Here are all of the Government reforms and case updates we cover this month:

tvOur final ‘nothing to do with employment law’ bit:

What do you get if you analyse 12 ‘greatest TV shows’ lists from the culture critics?  A beautiful infographic explaining the best 100 TV shows form the UK and US across multiple genres!

The greatest TV shows

christmas tree