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News and Updates from Specialist Employment Lawyers, Menzies LawUpdating and upskilling you and your team is what we’re all about. 

Just as you’d expect from a specialist team, you can rely on us to keep you informed of all important and useful news in employment law, equalities and other relevant HR developments.  We provide a well-established and widely read news service, packed full of useful news and opinion. 

And we offer a high-quality annual programme of seminars to look at issues in real depth. 

News Service

Taking a practical and ‘plain English’ slant, and pitched particularly at HR professionals, we provide you with an up-to-date round-up of employment law news and updates, including new legislation, proposed law reforms and recent case law which we believe you will find relevant.

Our Newsletters are published monthly and our Newsflashes come out infrequently, when there is something especially newsworthy!

Unlike many of the larger law firms, none of our news is sourced from a syndicate or written by PR agents.  All our news and other content is written entirely by our own team and we pour our little hearts into making it all relevant, interesting and full of practical application for our busy HR readership.

By subscribing to our News Service you will also receive our regular Blogs, full of relevant commentary, opinion and interesting ‘takes’ on recent developments.  We aim to inform, stimulate and sometimes just make you smile.

News about us!

Noteworthy news about our own firm and what we’ve been up to, including mentions in the media, can be found on our News about Menzies Law page.

Open Courses & Events

We run a range of Learning and Development events (usually 5-6 per year) which are open to both our clients and non-client organisations and individuals.

For more information visit our Open Courses & Events page.


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