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A word about employee burn-out

You may have noticed an increasing debate about employee burn-out recently, given the relentless impact Covid has had on workforces over the last 16 months.   You’ll recall that we closed our office for a week last month (with some very encouraging feedback from clients about our decision) in a quest to ‘head off’ the risk of burn-out we feared if the team didn’t have a break.  We were pleased to see that Bumble, the dating app business followed our lead (!) and offered their employees a paid week off last month too.

The question we’d like you to consider is this: what is your business doing to protect its employees from the effects of burn-out?  It’s worth thinking about.  We anticipate it will be an increasing issue for employers if they don’t have it on their agenda.

The staggering costs of conflict in the workplace

Anne-Marie continued to share some compelling advantages of mediation in her blog ‘Why mediate?‘.  These advantages require serious consideration when confronted with the eye-watering costs to UK businesses of workplace disputes.  She shares these in her next blog in the series which we preview here; ‘The real cost of conflicts in the workplace‘.

If you are concerned about the costs conflict is causing your business, please contact Anne-Marie about whether mediation may be a cost and time-effective solution for you:

Autumn Employment Law Update – your views required please!

We are really hoping to reinstate our popular Employment Law Update event this Autumn.  We’d love to hear your views to ascertain how viable it is to do so.  Can you answer a few quick questions to help us decide? Click here to be taken to our short survey.

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