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Newsflash: ACAS & Government guidance on apprenticeships & the levy

  1. apprenticesACAS guide on employing young workers and apprenticeships:  ACAS have published a new guide, available here, to help employers manage and support young workers and apprentices. The guide:
    • offers advice to employers on how to help young workers with the transition from education to work;
    • gives advice to employers on recruiting and retaining apprentices or young workers, including:
      • how to provide the correct training;
      • being clear about the apprenticeship agreement/contract;
    • providing a proper induction;
    • being clear about what the job involves and what is expected; and
    • providing extra support where needed.
  2. Government guidance on apprenticeship levy:   BIS have published guidance, available here on the apprenticeship levy.  The guidance explains who the levy affects, how much employers will pay and what happens once the money has been paid.  The levy will apply to all UK employers in both the private and public sectors which have annual pay bills of more than £3 million.
    For further information on the levy see our February 2016 Newsletter Government reforms (3): Apprenticeships.

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