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Newsflash: Guides: (1) illegal working and (2) employing the disabled

timetable for change - person looking at large stack of papers1. Illegal working

What do we already know?

In our June Newsletter Government reforms (2): Illegal working – Government guidance we updated you that the Government had published guides on the administration of the civil penalty scheme and right to work checks.

What’s new?

The Government has updated the above employer’s guides. The updated guide on the administration of the civil penalty scheme is available here and the updated guide on the right to work checks is available here .

2. Employing the disabled

The Government (Department for Work and Pensions) has published guidance available here for employers to assist with recruiting and supporting disabled people at work. The guidance usefully recommends reasonable adjustments which can be made to support them. In particular it examines specific health conditions and makes suggestions for assisting employees with such conditions.

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