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Newsflash: Shared grandparental leave

family-friendlyWhat do we already know?

In our June Newsletter Government reforms (1): Family friendly – grandparents have rights too? we updated you that David Cameron had said during Prime Minister’s Question Time that he would look at Labour’s plans to allow grandparents to share their children’s ordinary parental leave.

What’s new?

It has been confirmed by the Government that working grandparents will be able to take shared parental leave (rather than ordinary parental leave as proposed by the Labour party).

This will also allow parents and grandparents to divide the statutory shared parental leave and pay between them. This was announced by George Osborne at the Conservative party conference and confirmed here. The aim is for this to be brought in by 2018 and the Government will consult on the details during the first half of 2016.

For more information on shared parental leave please see our October 2014 Newsletter Government reforms (1): Family friendl(ier) – shared parental leave and pay.

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