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Newsflash: Shared parental leave and guidance

shared parental leave - man with childWhat do we already know?

In our March 2014 Newsletter Government reforms (2): Shared parental leave we updated you that lengthy and complex draft regulations had been published on the new shared parental leave and pay regime and that the Government was seeking views on these. Two further sets of draft regulations were published in April 2014.

Subject to approval by Parliament, the regulations will come into force on 1 December 2014, and the new shared parental leave scheme will be available in respect of babies due on or after 5 April 2015 and children placed for adoption on or after that date.

What’s new?

On 21 July 2014, the Government laid three sets of draft regulations before Parliament to implement the new system of shared parental leave. Two further sets of regulations are still awaited. The drafts laid before Parliament contain no major changes compared to the earlier drafts mentioned above (although some wording has been changed for clarification).

Also, in order to assist employers and employees with understanding the new rules, the Government has now published guidance on shared parental leave and pay. These are available here and here. Both sets of guidance explain when an employee may be eligible and how to take up shared parental leave and pay. The employer’s guide also sets out the record keeping duties.

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