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Newsflash: Tribunal fees – down and under review

tribunals1-downWhat do we already know?

  1. Tribunal claims down: In our April 2015 Newsletter Government reforms (2): Tribunal claims – still going down we shared with you the statistics in respect of claims for the period of October to December 2014. Although these showed a slight increase in the number of claims in the previous quarter, Tribunals received 12% fewer claims than the same period in 2013.
  1. Review of Tribunal fees: When Tribunal fees were introduced in July 2013, the Government made a commitment to review their impact.

What’s new?

  1. Tribunal claims down: The number of Tribunal claims being brought continues to decline. The number of single claims received during the period from January to March 2015 was 25% fewer than in the same period in 2014 and lower than the number received during the previous quarter, October to December 2014. Overall, there was a decrease of 52% of single claims received in 2014/15 compared to 2013/14 in line with the gradual decline of claims over the last five years.
  1. Review of Tribunal fees: On 11 June 2015, the Government announced the start of the Employment Tribunal Fees Post Implementation Review, its official review into Tribunal fees (for Vince Cable’s previous ‘unofficial’ review see our May Newsflash Tribunal fees review). The purpose of the review is to consider how effective the introduction of fees has been in meeting its objectives, both financial and social, while maintaining access to justice. Completion of the review is expected later in the year.

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