Jane Baalam

Jane Baalam leads our innovative Pay & Reward team.  In particular, she works jointly with our equal pay lawyers to deliver our market-leading Gender Pay Gap services.

Jane has been a Pay & Reward specialist for more than 20 years.  She is an expert on equal pay, gender pay gap, pay structures, job evaluation schemes, executive remuneration and many other aspects of Pay & Reward.

Following various Pay & Reward roles at National Grid and Sanctuary, Jane was most recently Lead HR Consultant Pay & Reward at leading UK national accountancy firm Smith & Williamson LLP.  She now combines working for us with her own independent specialist consultancy work.

Jane’s experience and skills in helping clients develop and practically implement pay structures enable her to understand where the risks are in your Pay & Reward offering. By supporting you to develop and implement pay proposals that are directly relevant to you, she can help you make your business more attractive to your current and future employees.

Jane has experience in working in a variety of sectors – particularly supporting manufacturing, housing and social care, education and not-for-profit.



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