Cost for employees

Costs of employment law advice for employeesLegal advice is expensive, and we won’t pretend otherwise.  We believe that keeping you aware of how much our work is costing you, and letting you feel that you are in control of cost, is one of the most important aspects of good service.

We are up-front and open about our fees from the outset of our relationship with you. We will provide you with as much information on the potential likely costs of using our services as we sensibly can.  We keep you regularly updated on how our fees are building up and we are happy to agree to cap them and the amount of work we are doing for you, to help your finances.

We are all senior specialists and experts in our field.  We offer employees and executives a discounted fee rate of around 15% off our standard charges.  Our discounted rate is a little more than tends to be charged by ‘High Street’ law firms and other advisory organisations who cannot offer the same level of service and experienced advice. However, our rates also undercut the larger commercial law firms, with whom we compete in terms of quality and service, by around 30% – that’s up to £100 + VAT less per hour.

You are therefore receiving the best quality of advice in the region for a significantly lower price than you would pay at many of our competitors.


For all our work for employees and executives – except for settlement agreement advice – we charge £500 + VAT for an initial consultation (see below).  This fee is payable in advance.

For any support and advice after the initial consultation, we normally charge by the hour at our discounted hourly fee rate for employee clients.  We will invoice you at the end of each month or the end of a particular stage of our work for you.  For some work we can offer a fixed fee option.

Settlement Agreements

For advice and support on settlement agreements, as a specialist employment law firm we offer a premium service that is not available from most other law firms.  See our Settlement Agreements page for more information, including cost.

Payment terms

Our invoices are to be paid upon receipt, which in practice means we are happy to wait for 2-3 days after we’ve sent you our invoice.  We need to receive payment in advance of us confirming the booking of your initial consultation.  For additional work we prefer to receive payment for each additional invoice before we go on to provide you with further assistance.

We believe that this clear and business-like approach to payment sensibly manages your ability to pay and our ability to continue with your work, and avoids the embarrassment and difficulties that can arise with unpaid invoices building up during busy periods of legal work.

In order to make it as easy as possible for you, we accept credit and debit cards as well as bank transfers.

Please note that we do not offer ‘no win, no fee’, conditional or contingency fees and we do not offer free consultations.  Unfortunately there is no ‘legal aid’ available for employment law advice.  All advice and activity conducted by us on your case is chargeable.

Initial consultation

Our initial consultation is a meeting with you (or telephone call if you prefer) of up to one hour plus up to 15 minutes of reading time prior to the consultation and a short written summary of our advice.  During this consultation we will advise you on your legal position and what may happen next, so that you will come away from the consultation understanding where you stand and the options open to you.

All of our lawyers are senior, highly experienced advisers who are specialists in employment law, so you can rest assured that you receive the best advice available.  We will always be frank and honest with you and ‘tell it straight’.

If you wish us to provide you with any further advice, support or representation after the initial consultation meeting, or you wish the initial consultation to continue beyond one hour, we can provide such assistance at our discounted hourly fee rate.

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