Employment Tribunals for Employees

Specialist employment lawyers - Employment Tribunals for EmployeesHave the upper hand

We aim to help you avoid litigation wherever possible, when asserting your employment rights.  But if it does come to it, using Menzies Law gives you a very strong hand.

Our specialist employment lawyers are all senior, highly experienced experts in Employment Tribunal claims.  We are one of the strongest Employment Tribunal teams in the South West and Wales.

Having us on your side will give you a distinct advantage.  Given our expertise, our seniority and the barristers in our team, the chances are that we will be more than a match for your employer’s lawyers.  With us, you get the ‘big law firm’ punch for a very reasonable price.

Full range of expertise

We are experts in the full range of Employment Tribunal claims.  Unfair dismissal, redundancy, whistle-blowing, discrimination, breach of contract, equal pay… you name it, we are experts in it.

Proven success in Employment Tribunals

Where possible, we will aim to keep you out of court. Often, we can negotiate a decent settlement for you, saving you time and cost.  However, where necessary, our highly skilled and responsive Employment Tribunal litigation process will swing into action on your behalf.

We have had a great deal of success in the Employment Tribunal claims we’ve fought for employees and executives – we have a very high success rate.

We’ve also thought a lot about how to look after you – the best ways we can take some of the stress away when bringing an Employment Tribunal claim.  We provide you with open, frank advice about the pros and cons of your claim and expert guidance on the best strategy and tactics to use.  We are also superb at getting the best from witnesses and helping you produce highly effective, persuasive witness statements.

Don’t just take our word for it

When we at Menzies Law buy something important, we like to be choosy.  We always find positive testimonials from other happy clients helpful when making our choice.  If you do too, please take a look at these testimonials from recent executive and employee clients.

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