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Negotiating an exit deal is seldom easy 

No-one likes the end of an era, but even less so when charged emotions and disputes can leave a bitter taste.  When the time comes to leave an organisation – perhaps you’ve played an integral part in shaping or growing – it can be pretty challenging making sure your interests are covered.  

Our expert employment lawyers will help you to keep focused.  We’ve spent years working for individuals at the top of their organisations and careers, helping them to negotiate exits in dignitied, financially reasonably ways. We provide clear, frank advice and support in negotiating departure terms and the contents of settlement agreements.

We can bring to bear our extensive experience of contract law, pay & reward, employment tribunal claims, share schemes, pensions and other relevant areas to ensure that you get the very best advice and the best deal possible.

Expert support

When you find yourself faced with a request to leave an organisation, it can often feel that your employer holds all the cards.  They may well have experienced HR professionals, backed up by an intimidating law firm.  That’s why you need the best advice and support available.  That’s why you need a specialist employment lawyer – one who’s seen and done it all for many years – to see things from your point of view and help you push for a reasonable deal in negotiating an exit.

In this, we’re proud to be one of the best and to bring a genuinely expert perspective to our support for you.  Because we sit on your side of the table regularly, we understand how it feels.  But equally, with our extensive work in industry and for major blue-chip organisations, advising large employers across the South West, Wales and beyond, we can predict the tactics and approaches you’re likely to face from your employer.  We know all the tricks in the book. 

We very effectively use all of this insight to help you get to where you need to be.

Best of all, because we are a multi-disciplinary team, we can draw in HR consultants, barristers and other specialists, as needed, we can always provide the tailored expertise you need. We give advice that is unashamedly honest, focused and plain English – at Menzies Law we don’t believe in fence-sitting.

Sit up and take note

When you involve us in negotiating an exit, your employer will sit up and listen.  Our reputation and our specialist expertise is well known and respected by HR team and other law firms across the UK.  Bringing us in on your side will make it clear that you expect to acheive a decent exit deal and won’t be pushed around.  Having Menzies Law represent you sends a strong message.

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Don’t just take our word for it

When we at Menzies Law buy something important, we like to be choosy and we always find positive testimonials from other happy clients helpful when making our choice.  If you do too, please take a look at these testimonials from recent executive and employee clients.

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