Settlement Agreements for Employees

Settlement Agreements for EmployeesKnow what you’re signing

As an employee, making the decision to leave an organisation can often require more than a farewell and a handshake. It’s important to make sure that you are protected and that all of the details of your departure are covered in a robust settlement agreement.    

At Menzies Law, we are experts in negotiating and advising on settlement agreements and exit packages. If your employer has asked you to agree a settlement agreement, or you wish to try to negotiate one for yourself, our expert employment lawyers will give you robust, independent advice on your options, explain all your rights and guide you through what you might be able to demand in your particular situation.

Experience that matters

We’re different to many other solicitors’ firms that advise employees on settlement agreements.  That’s because we also advise many employers, large and small, and we work closely with business executives and HR professionals. We therefore know how they operate and how to most effectively negotiate with them on your behalf.

Due to our team’s specialist knowledge and extensive experience, we’ve advised on a huge number of settlements over the years. Working quickly to deliver an agreement tailored to your exact needs, situation and organisation, our advisers have had excellent success ensuring that executives and employees get the fairest deal available.

Levels of service

We’re happy to provide you with just the basic service of explaining what your settlement agreement means and highlighting any errors or unusual things in the agreement.  This service usually takes around an hour and often the cost of the work can be entirely covered by your employer’s legal fees contribution.

However, if you would like support beyond that basic service, you’ve come to the right place.  We are experts in negotiating an exit deal.

Don’t just take our word for it

When we at Menzies Law buy something important, we like to be choosy and we always find positive testimonials from other happy clients helpful when making our choice.  If you do too, please take a look at these testimonials from recent executive and employee clients.

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