Restructuring and Redundancies

Specialist employment lawyers supporting you with redundancies and restructuringStrong, sound process… yet also empathetic

That’s our view on how restructuring and redundancies should be handled.  Legally watertight but also very human towards those facing disruption or dismissal.

The overall process can seem simple in theory.  But restructuring and redundancies can actually throw up a large number of legal conundrums that require specialist advice.  And that advice is no good if it’s the poor quality, ‘off the shelf’ type of advice you might get from a helpline or a junior lawyer without years of relevant experience.  With people’s jobs and livelihoods being on the line, you want an expert.  Expert not only in the law, but also in what is needed to make this sort of process reasonable and dignified for your employees.

If our many decades of expertise in this area has taught us one thing, it’s that taking a caring, human approach reduces your legal risk enormously.

Whatever the size of your organisation and whatever you’re going through, we’re here to help.  Our team of employment lawyers and HR specialists have a wealth of experience in getting restructuring and redundancies right procedurally.  We have supported a large number of restructuring and redundancy programmes over the years, in many sectors.   And we’ve actually helped run many redundancy meetings.  These have included many redundancy processes affecting hundreds of people, such as full business shut-downs.

Planning is everything

We can support you strongly at the initial planning stage, working with you on your strategy, the overall process and timetable.  We offer you many decades of experience in what can work best.

Our extensive experience from succesfully defending hundreds of redundancy unfair dismissal claims during the recession will be at your disposal.  We provide you with the highest level of expert advice on your selection pools, selection criteria, scoring methods, scripts for meetings and record keeping.

You will also find no team more experienced in supporting you along the way too.  We’re there for the many questions and concerns that crop up along the way (both from you and your employees).

Collective consultation experts

And it doesn’t stop there.  If you’re facing a collective redundancy process, our experience of consulting with trade unions and elected staff committees is enormous.  Collective consultation is one of our particular specialisms, along with managing your trade union relationships.  With us you get decades of experience in how to pitch your consultation proposals and ways to reach agreement.  Whether it’s consulting on 21 voluntary redundancies or managing 300 compulsory redundancies through collective consultation with an irate trade union during a strike, we’ve seen and done it all.  We will be there for you to guide you safely through.

Employment Tribunal claims

We’ll be right by your side at each step of the process.  Our primary aim is to protect you from Employment Tribunal claims.   But if claims do arise, we’re the firm to support you.  We offer what we believe is the strongest Employment Tribunal defence team in the region, led by our two barristers.

Plain English

Best of all, we promise to always speak in plain English, delivering common-sense advice and guidance to get you where you need to be.  As quickly and smoothly as possible.

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Specialist employment lawyers supporting you with redundancies and restructuring