Settlement Agreements

Specialist employment lawyers advising on settlement agreementDon’t leave it to chance

There are many departures of employees and executives where it’s best not to leave it to chance and a handshake. 

You may be paying a substantial exit payment and want reassurance that there is the quid pro quo of no comeback.  Or you may see real legal risk and need to ensure that a deal is in place that will protect your business.

Whatever the situation, working with us will leave you with peace of mind that every detail will be covered in a robust settlement agreement.

We’re glad to say that we’ve dealt with a huge number of settlement agreements over the years.  With Menzies Law you won’t get fobbed off with an off-the-shelf template.  We always provide a robust, detailed document that covers everything and protects your business as much as is legally possible.

Tailored agreements for your organisation

Our specialist employment lawyers move quickly and deliver an agreement tailored to your exact needs, situation and organisation.  Most importantly, we also design them to reflect the circumstances of the departing employee.  We use our many years of experience to guide you through the process, ask all the questions you need to consider, produce the agreement and provide guidance on negotiation techniques and tactics.

With us on your team you’ll be able to relax knowing that the employee has left your business in a way that won’t open you up to risk down the line.

Bespoke agreements for exits that deserve them

You may have your own settlement agreement template that perhaps you obtained from working with a law firm a few years ago.  You may feel comfortable using it for lower level exits and low risk departures.  But wherever you are waving goodbye to a senior or key person, or where you are wishing to neutralise a genuine legal risk, you and your organisation deserve a high quality settlement agreement that has been properly designed for the particular circumstances.  And one that is fully up-to-date with the latest law.

Fixed price option

We are very aware of your need to be cost-conscious.  We know you appreciate certainty on price where possible.  Therefore we offer a fixed price settlement agreement package that provides the ‘full service’ to you for £1,295 + VAT.

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