Transfer of Undertakings (TUPE)

Specialist employment lawyers supporting you with TUPETUPE rules and regulations are highly complex.  Not only that, they’re always changing.  Often, half the battle is figuring out if they even apply to your situation.

Let our TUPE experts give you authorititive advice and guidance through the maze.  

Like it or not, every HR professional has to get to grips with TUPE every so often.  Despite the huge numbers of employees that transfer every year, the employment law issues associated with a transfer of undertakings remains a notoriously complex and tricky part of UK employment law.  Due to its complexity, employers regularly ask us to provide advice on TUPE rules and regulations.

It is also one of the most frequent requests we get as a topic for our Learning & Development events.

Self-confessed TUPE-obsessives

Our team of specialist employment lawyers have decades of experience working with employers and business owners facing TUPE situations.   Amongst us are include self-confessed TUPE-obsessives who revel in how much TUPE complexity they can deal with before breakfast.  It’s not everyone’s taste, but it’s ours.

That’s what you get when you work with a team like ours, consisting purely of senior legal specialists who are all regional leaders in our field.

We can provide you with the highest quality, authoritative tailored advice that will provide you with confidence and ensure that you are not left in a vulnerable position further down the line.

We will also provide frank, practical guidance to assist you through due diligence, contract negotiations and a smooth business transfer.

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