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Specialist employment lawyers - making sure you have the right pay and reward policiesThere’s no denying it, it’s critical that you have the right Pay and Reward policies.

Get it right and you can inspire and motivate your employees. Get it wrong and you’re facing low productivity, recruitment and retention problems.  And probably people being rewarded for the wrong behaviours. We’re here to make sure you get it right – every time.

Our Pay & Reward specialists are experts in their field.  We help you to design and impliment pay structures that fit your organisation’s needs, direction and culture.

The right reward strategy

It’s so important to avoid waste and ensure that every aspect of your Pay & Reward policies drive the right behaviours.  Yet so often, they don’t – often because of a lack of a proper review for many years.  We can review your current Pay & Reward approach and either suggest improvements or design and implement a brand new one.

We’ve worked with a large number of employers over the years, helping them to implement and improve schemes that boost business performance. At Menzies Law we will never ‘fob you off’ with an off-the-shelf package. We take the time to get to know you. We look at your unique situation and can therefore deliver frank, honest advice tailored to you.

Job Evaluation

Our senior Pay & Reward consultant has over two decades of experience in Job Evaluation and knows every major JE scheme intimately.  You won’t find anyone better qualified to review your current JE scheme or impliment a new one.  Whether you are large or small, private or public sector, we can help.

We are pleased to now be able to provide you with the market-leading JOES, a ‘points factor’ based JE scheme which in our view is the most adaptable, user-friendly JE scheme on the market, and considerably quicker and cheaper to use and run its major rivals.  We’d love to tell you more about it and give you a demo – find out more here.

And if it turns out that JOES isn’t right for you, we have a number of other options for you, to suit your organisation and budget.

Gender Pay Gap and Equal Pay experts

We are one of the UK’s leading specialist legal consultancy teams on the Gender Pay Gap (GPG), having led the way since 2015 with our award-winning, innovative Gender Pay Gap Audit & Advice services.

Our multi-disciplinary GPG team combines senior Pay & Reward consultants, highly experienced Equal Pay auditors and leading specialist employment lawyers, working together under fixed-price packages.

We work with a large number of medium and large employers to carry out GPG calculations and reports, Equal Pay audits and provide specialist legal advice on their areas of risk.  We also provide detailed practical recommendations on the steps they can take to analyse the drivers of their GPG and reduce both their gaps and their legal risks.

As leading GPG and Equal Pay experts, we are heavily involved in this area and regularly writing and speaking about it.  Find out more here about how we aspire to lead the way in Equal Pay.

To find out more about how we can help you with any of our Pay & Reward services, click here and get in touch with us today.

Pensions and Employee Benefits

Complementing our Pay & Reward advice, we also offer a wide range of legal support and advice on Pensions and Employee Benefits.

Advice for employees

This particular page covers our services for employers.  If you are an employee looking for advice about your own pay, you’ve come to the right firm.  See our pages for employee clients and just give us a call.

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