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Specialist Employment Lawyers - We are the Gender Pay Gap and Equal Pay specialists

Look no further: We are the Gender Pay Gap and Equal Pay specialists

Menzies Law’s innovative Gender Pay Gap services give you all the reporting, analysis and legal risk assessment you need, all in one place and all from one multi-disciplinary team of pay experts

Our Pay & Reward team’s unique mix of statistical, equal pay and employment law experts provides you with all the support and advice you need to:

  • calculate and report your gender pay gap (GPG)
  • understand your equal pay position and exposure
  • know your key legal risks
  • take practical actions to reduce your GPG, reduce any equal pay risks and improve pay equality across your organisation.

On your Risk Register

There is no doubt that the legal duty on larger employers to report and publish their GPG is transforming the debate on pay equality, from being seen as a ‘nice to have’ to now being a key challenge and focus for businesses and public bodies.  Whether it is the on-going saga of BBC pay or the enormous sums at stake in the equal pay claims against the likes of ASDA and Tesco, pay equality is probably here to stay as a major HR and employment law issue.

This isn’t something to treat as “just compliance” or “something for the HR team to worry about”.  Pay equality is now a key strategic issue for Boards and will effect your recruitment, staff retention, morale, productivity, public reputation and more besides.

An unrivalled team

Our market-leading Gender Pay Gap services provide you with a combination of advice, practical recommendations and statistical analysis that no other law firm, accountancy practice or consultancy in the UK can.  Uniquely, our equal pay lawyers have teamed up with highly experienced pay & reward specialists to provide a range of fixed-price services for employers, providing both the pay & reward expertise and the legal expertise in one report and through one team. So far as we know, we’re still the only people in the UK offering this joined-up approach.

Our Pay & Reward team is led by our Director, Luke Menzies, a dual-qualified Barrister and Solicitor and a prominent legal expert in GPG issues, who is regularly quoted in the national press on pay equality issues and invited to speak on the subject at major national conferences on HR, pay and employment law.

In charge of statistics, auditing and pay structure consultancy is the well-known Pay & Reward specialist Jane Baalam.  Before joining our team, Jane carried out a similar role at top 10 UK accountancy firm Smith & Williamson LLP.

Since 2015 we have been making waves and establishing ourselves as leading UK experts in our field.  We were delighted to be recognised as UK Regional Law Firm of the Year (Human Resources) 2018 for our work, by the respected market-reseach organisation The Legal 500.

Have you yet reported your Gender Pay Gap?

If you have 250+ employees, you need to record your gender pay gap as at 5 April 2017 (30 March 2017 for public sector in England) and publish it within a year. Our Gender Pay Gap services give you all the data and guidance you’ll need.

Whether you’ve had a go at calculating your GPG yourselves, or have not yet started to think about it, we have a GPG service suited to you.

Gender Pay Gap Audit & Advice service

Our flagship Gender Pay Gap Audit & Advice service provides you with the professional analysis, support and advice to deal with the risks and impact of this change on your organisation.

We crunch the numbers for all your workforce pay and benefits, to providing a detailed equal pay audit report. We also calculate your gender pay gap. Then our legal and pay experts put their heads together and highlight for you all the key areas of equal pay risk in your organisation. Finally, we suggest an action plan and set out a list of recommendations – all designed to both reduce your gender pay gap and reduce your equal pay risks.

It’s a comprehensive, expert review of your entire approach to pay and reward from a gender point of view, set out in an impressive and lengthy report that gives you clear, practical recommendations on what to do next.

Read here about one recent client’s experience of our Gender Pay Gap Audit & Advice service.

Gender Pay Gap Review

If you only want a simpler, more streamlined version, don’t worry. Our fixed-price Gender Pay Gap Review service simply calculates your gender pay gap and gives you the data that you need to report. We help you with publication and the contents of your narrative, if you wish to include one in your published data.  We will highlight to you any areas of risk that we spot.  We can always work with you on your equal pay audit and legal risks another time, if you wish.

Gender Pay Gap Sense-check

And if you intend to calculate your own gender pay gap, we can still help. Our fixed-price Gender Pay Gap Sense-check service provides a quick but expert review of your GPG figures and your methodology. It also helps you set them out in the required format for publication. It gives you the confidence that you have done the right calculation, will be publishing the right data in the right way, and are fully compliant with the new law.

For more information on all our Gender Pay Gap services, contact us now.

And once you’ve published your GPG data?

Having poor pay equality as an organisation impacts on your recruitment, staff retention, morale, productivity, public reputation and more.  Take the initiative and follow some of the UK’s most successful and innovative employers in taking the steps to understand your organisation’s pay equality profile and improve it.

We can support you all the way on this journey by providing you with:

  • a full Equal Pay Audit of your workforce
  • specialist legal advice on your equal pay position and exposure
  • detailed practical recommendations on improving your pay structure
  • a thorough review and improvement of the pay equality aspects of your staff policies and procedures
  • implimentation of a modern, fit-for-purpose Job Evaluation Scheme – one that avoids the pitfalls and built-in inequalities of older schemes
  • salary benchmarking
  • a wide range of improvements to your pay structure and your general approach to pay & reward.

Advice for employees

This particular page covers our services for employers.  If you are an employee looking for advice about your own pay, you’ve come to the right firm.  See our pages for employee clients and just give us a call.

So what’s this Gender Pay Gap all about?

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We are the Gender Pay Gap and Equal Pay specialists