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JOES Job EvaluationAt Menzies Law we’re proud to recommend and provide you with access to JOES, a cost-effective and easy to use system for evaluating jobs across your organisation. 

JOES uses a number of factors to determine the relative value of different roles within your business, and positions them into clearly defined levels. Ultimately its purpose is to ensure you are treating your people consistently and fairly.

Job Evaluation has a number of very important benefits for your organisation:

  • Deciding your hierarchy, i.e. which jobs in your organisation are more important than others.
  • It helps you calculate the number of people each position and department needs.
  • It supports your pay scale – helping you determine the appropriate pay for each job depending on where it sits in the hierarchy.
  • It is highly effective protection against equal pay claims.
  • It is also provides a very effective answer to other complaints about pay.

With legislation, media interest and social pressure all combining to increase the profile of the gender pay gap and equal pay risks, a robust Job Evaluation scheme remains the best way of defending your business in the event of any equal pay claims or indeed any other legal claim relating to pay. In recent years we have seen equal pay claims increasing and since the July 2017 abolition of Employment Tribunal fees the number is growing even more quickly.

What are the benefits of using JOES?


JOES can be purchased as a ‘standard’ solution and can be tailored to your organisation’s language and cultural identity.


JOES has six pre-defined, well-recognised standard factors within it, each divided into sub factors. These factors determine the depth and breadth of the role. It is very comprehensive and robust.


JOES is easy to learn how to use and all training is provided on-line, with support available by phone and email. This significantly reduces the traditional problems associated with an organisation losing its HR team members who are trained on a job evaluation scheme. With JOES, it is quick and easy to get additional HR colleagues trained and effective in using the process.

Clear outputs

clear outputsJOES provides you with clear reporting functionality, allowing you to quickly understand and make use of the resulting data outputs. The technology behind it allows your HR team to keep accurate records of all evaluations and to confidently store all outcomes of the evaluation process, run pay modelling exercises and design pay grading structures.

future proofedFuture-proofed

JOES allows for a read-over into any competency frameworks that you may currently use or ones you may develop in the future. It is designed to be owned by you.


transparentJOES gives your employees a clearly defined, objective and transparent framework for career development, reassuring them that they are being treated fairly and increasing confidence of job grading equality. It enables clear read-over into grading and pay issues as well as giving transparent indicators towards progression through grades.

Convenient to use

convenient to useJOES is an easy-to-use web-based system, requiring minimal training to understand and use. It is accessible from any device with an internet connection. Its remote accessibility makes appeals panels easier to run as participants can still input to the process.

Strong legal defence

strong legal defenceThe robustness of the JOES approach will provide your organisation with a strong legal defence to equal pay claims, since JOES will be able to demonstrate whether two roles can reasonably be treated as being similar or of equal value and the reasons for any pay differential between employees.  JOES is fully transparent in the points it awards to roles and how these are calculated.  Nothing is hidden from you, unlike some well-known rival schemes.

safe and secureSafe and secure

Being cloud-based, all of your JOES data is securely saved and backed up away from your site, providing reassurance in terms of business continuity and cyber-security.


testedMenzies Law has selected JOES as its job evaluation partner after significant expert research into the available job evaluation tools and systems. We wanted something we could confidently recommend to our clients so you can be assured that we’ve done the homework and you don’t have to!


Why JOES is the best JE scheme available

  • Compared with rival schemes, JOES is far quicker and easier to use and it will save you a substantial amount of time per role.
  • JOES is also easier to learn how to use, compared with most other schemes.
  • In terms of ensuring equal pay, JOES is fully transparent in the points it awards to roles and how these are calculated.  Nothing is hidden from you, unlike some well-known rival schemes.
  • The factors that JOES uses are universally recognised and can be easily applied to all jobs in every organisation, from cleaner to CEO, from Admin to Actuary.
  • JOES is more adaptive and flexible than its rivals, recognising that some jobs are technical, others are managerial and some are a combination of the two.
  • JOES recognises the need to balance skills and qualifications with experience and know-how.
  • Unlike many other schemes, the factors used by JOES are timeless and do not need to be updated to reflect changing operational needs: e.g. they are not based on arbitrary financial budget sizes.
  • JOES automatically records and databases your outcomes, managing the admin for you.
  • Being cloud-based, JOES stores and backs-up all your information off-site.
  • JOES comes with 24 hr support.

Like to know more?

If you’d like to know more about JOES and how it could help your organisation, please get in touch with us and we’d be pleased to discuss how it can help you. Either call us on 0117 325 0526 or complete an Online Enquiry to start the conversation.

We have an agency agreement with the developers of JOES that allows us to provide you with a highly competitive price, and we’d be delighted to provide you with a quotation. For consistency and continuity, JOES comes with a minimum 3-year contract.

JOES Job Evaluation