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We care…

We care about Equal Pay and the Gender Pay Gap.  Not in a typical reactive law firm ‘yeah, there’s some new regulations, we can help you with that’  sort of way, but actually more like this:

  • We’re astonished that the overall Gender Pay Gap is 18.1% in 2016;
  • We’re dumbfounded at Deloitte’s prediction that the GPG won’t be closed until 2069[1];
  • We’re angry about the societal issues that give rise to this situation and we’re saddened by the prospect of our daughters feeling less valued than our sons.

We reckon that many executives and decision-makers within large employers feel the same – not least because they’ve told us so. It’s incredibly rare for any business to be wilfully underpaying female staff. But by really understanding the demographics of your workforce and the intricacies of your pay structure, you can gain a startling insight into where your business might be contributing to the problem – and how you can start being part of the solution.

So what have we done about it…?

  • In 2015, long before the GPG reporting obligations came into law, we recruited a top-class Pay & Reward specialist to work with us in developing a market-leading Gender Pay Gap Audit & Advice
  • Since then we’ve worked with a considerable number of clients to obtain comprehensive insight and analysis into their own GPG position, including advice on next steps to close their gap, and many more are in the pipeline.
  • We’ve produced a Guide to GPG and Equal Pay aimed at business, which sets out clearly the conceptual difference between GPG and Equal Pay, explaining the legal structures and where risks commonly arise.
  • We’ve provided speakers to talk about GPG and the incoming reporting obligations at major trade conferences including the Association of Colleges.
  • We’ve participated in an academic conference on gender pay differences and provided evidence on the current working of equal pay law to the Fawcett Society review of discrimination legislation, chaired by Dame Laura Cox DBE.
  • We’ve blogged on the subject several times and will continue to do so.
  • We talk about the GPG and Equal Pay to everyone we meet.

Let’s work together…

  • We’re delighted to support women’s business and networking organisations, industry bodies, academic institutions and others who would benefit from our materials and speaking expertise on this topic.  If you’d like to collaborate with us, then please get in touch with Jane Baalam, Anne-Marie Boyle. or Luke Menzies.
  • If you would like to talk to us about identifying and addressing the Gender Pay Gap in your organisation, we’d be delighted to hear from you. Read more here.
  • Call us on 0117 325 0526 – we’re always happy to talk on the phone and most cases we can visit your business to discuss your needs in detail with all the key decision-makers before you commit to any purchase.
  • If you are an individual and feel that you have been the victim of pay discrimination, either alone or as part of a group, then we would be happy to advise you as to potential legal redress. Call Jane, Anne-Marie or Luke for more information.


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