specialist education employment solicitorsWith every funding cut and policy change, your life tends to get harder.  And that’s before we factor in sick leave rates, performance levels and trade union relationships.  There’s no denying it – being an HR professional in the education sector can be tough.  We understand.  That’s why we’re here to make sure you’re not doing it alone. 

Working with educational institutions – especially Further Education colleges and Sixth Form Colleges – is one of the things we’re best at.  Providing you with technically superb, bold, creative and forthright employment law, people management and Learning & Development solutions – full of insight into what the education sector needs and where it’s going.

At Menzies Law we think you should be able to take our technical expertise as a given.  What really sets us apart is our commitment to putting long-term client relationships at the heart of everything we do, and our ability to deliver advice and support from an education sector point of view.

We understand that you’re looking for a senior-level professional team to help you juggle everything that lands on your desk.  People who have a refreshingly practical, friendly approach to delivering common-sense advice that’s appropriate for your college or school.  Experts who you feel confident working with, who understand the constraints and pressures on you, and who won’t cost the earth.

You will regularly find us speaking at AoC national conferences and regional HR events, and we look forward to seeing you there.

5 good reasons why we’re the best choice…

1. Specialist education sector advisers

Every advisor, here at Menzies Law, is a specialist in colleges and schools – particularly the FE sector, where we support a significant number of colleges in the South of England.  You won’t get palmed off with juniors, trainees, unqualified advisors or anyone who doesn’t know the education sector and is trying to hand you an off-the-shelf solution that doesn’t take into account your needs and your organisation’s culture.  Most of us are, or have been, college and school governors, providing us with an insider’s understanding of how you work.  There is simply no substitute for this level of expert, sector-relevant knowledge, developed over many years.

2. We provide the opposite of a helpline

You’ll work with real people and get to know them well.  When you need to make redundancies, battle with the union rep, bring in unpopular new terms & conditions or deal with the threat of a strike, you want to work with someone who knows you and your school, college or university really well.  You want experience, a strategic approach and effective tactics.  We provide a high level, collaborative partnership, bursting with sector insight and many years of practice…  Something that’s not remotely like a helpline.

3. We know you have to be cost conscious

That’s why we are too, on your behalf. You want clear, certain pricing that can be easily mapped to the value we deliver. That’s why we rarely use hourly rates – preferring fixed annual or project fees. Our core service is our fixed-fee annual retainer scheme. Although we do lots of one-off projects, we love working day-in-day-out, as an extension of your HR team. You get the best advice and support at the most competitive prices. You know how much you’re going to be charged and we even provide a money-back guarantee for new clients. (Now that’s something you definitely won’t find with any other law firm.)

4. Being human is important to us

We are unashamedly honest and approachable but we’re also no-nonsense and down-to-earth. We work hard to help you manage and avoid risk – and that means refusing to sit on the fence when it comes to giving you the best advice. But that doesn’t mean we don’t care about the people at your college or school. We’ve worked in the education sector long enough to know that recruiting, managing and retaining the best people is what makes you a success – and we want to help you do that.

5. We look at the whole issue, not just part of it

We’re not traditional tunnel-vision employment lawyers.  We work in a ‘blended’, multi-disciplinary team for a ‘joined up’ approach to solving your HR challenges, offering complete solutions. Across our team we’re driven by what you need us to do, not by what employment lawyers traditionally do. That means we don’t just give the employment law advice that’s required – where useful, we also bring in learning & development, investigations, trade unions, pensions, data protection, pay & reward and any other people management advice and services you may need.  With us the whole problem gets solved, not just part of it.

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open quotes Menzies Law provided the AoC South West HR colleges’ network with an insightful overview of the gender pay and equal pay agendas. We left the session knowing clearly what we had to do and more importantly, where we could go for more information. Huge thanks to Menzies Law.close quotes


Sheena Murphy-Collett,
Director of Human Resources and Organisational Development,