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manufacturing and engineering specialist employment solicitorsKeeping your organisation running is your number one goal.  But achieving this in a sea of human resources challenges can be a struggle.  It’s easy to get bogged down in issues relating to shifts, allowances, union recognition, trade disputes, attendance and discipline.  We understand.  That’s why we’re here to take the load off you. 

That means providing you with experts in employment law, HR and Learning & Development who understand how a factory shop floor works, what a production site needs to focus on and who provide commercially-focused advice as standard.  Senior-level professionals that have learnt their trade from the ground up.  Advisers who provide the kind of practical, common-sense support for you that, put simply, gets things done.  Experts in dealing with trade unions.

Delivering what manufacturing clients want and need

At Menzies Law, it’s our continual focus on delivering what our many manufacturing clients want and need, in formats, timescales and pricing structures relevant to them. Because of this, we are the best at what we do in the South West and Wales.

We understand that you’re looking for a senior-level professional team to work alongside you.  We won’t pass you over to a faceless helpline operative or a junior lawyer out of their depth because you need an expert legal partner to help you juggle everything that lands on your desk.  You need people who have a refreshingly practical, friendly approach to delivering common-sense advice.  Experts who you feel confident working with and also won’t cost the earth.  Guidance from those with long experience of how to handle trade unions.

3 good reasons why we’re the best…

1. We’ve sat on your side of the table

We really understand the manufacturing & engineering sector. We’ve been working with major employers in the sector for decades, and half of our advisors previously worked as senior employment/HR advisers at the Engineering Employers’ Federation. We see things from your point of view and we understand how Production works.  In addition to all of this, we are very experienced in dealing with trade unions.

2. We tell it straight

Our advice is ‘straight up’, frank and matter-of-fact.  We know you need a fast solution and that means presenting you with the options, each of them risk-assessed and ranked in terms of which will work best and why. And we will never, ever sit on the fence: we will always suggest what we think you should do and why. Our clients regularly tell us that our advice is simply in a different league to their previous experiences of legal advisers, for precisely these reasons.

3. We know you have to be cost conscious

That’s why we are too, on your behalf.  You want transparent, certain pricing that fits your budget and can be easily mapped to the things we deliver.  You don’t want a series of ever-increasing legal bills you weren’t expecting. It is because of this that we rarely use hourly rates – preferring our fixed annual retainer package or project fees.

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