How we work

10 things set us apart as the best choice for employment law and people management support in the South West and South Wales…

1. Being human is important to us

We are unashamedly honest and approachable but we’re also no-nonsense and down-to-earth. We work hard to help you avoid risk – and that means refusing to sit on the fence when it comes to giving you the best advice. But that doesn’t mean we don’t care about the people at your organisation. We know that recruitment, retainment and people management is what makes you a success – and we want to help you do that.

2. We provide the opposite of a helpline

With us, you’ll only work with your nominated team of real, senior experts.  You and we will get to know each other well.  As well as being available to you on the phone or email whenever you need us, we offer you so much more.  We’ll build invaluable supportive relationships with you, where together we get lots done (and hopefully also find time for the occasional laugh at the odd things some people get up to at work). We want to be an extension of your HR team, another senior colleague to support you in your busy role and a confidante to talk over tricky issues with – whether you want us to just sense-check a decision, tackle a major problem or help in developing your staff.   We’re also highly proactive, always spotting the next issue that you’ll need to get to grips with, and providing you with early insights into what it means for you and how to approach it.  It’s not a helpline, it’s a partnership.

3. We understand your sector and the pressures you’re under

If you’re in the education sector we understand that with every funding cut and policy change your life gets harder. And that’s before we factor in changing staff requirements, pay pressures, utilisation juggling and trade union relationships. And if you’re in the manufacturing/engineering sector we understand all the HR challenges of running your sort of business – attendance management, changing shift patterns, union relations, agency workers and everything else that needs your attention and constant review to keep your production line flowing well, your products being shipped on time and your profitability high.

4. Collaboration sits at our core

Developing a long-term, trusting relationship with you is a crucial part of us being the best. We take the time to get to know your organisation, your HR team, your senior managers, your attitude to risk, your strategic goals and challenges… all these things matter to us.  We also have a very strong belief in providing upskilling opportunities to your HR team and senior management wherever we can, whether it’s explaining all the reasoning behind our advice or providing bespoke L&D sessions for your colleagues. With us on your team, you can relax.  We really care about your success.

5. Insightful and proactive

We’re focussed on your success, so working with us will probably be very different to what you may be used to with previous advisors.  You will find us far more aware of your needs, priorities and frustrations than other lawyers are.  And we’re always looking to learn more about you and where you are heading.  We’re also  constantly scanning the horizon for new legal and policy developments that may affect you.  When we spot something, we are highly proactive in telling you about it and how it might impact on you, with practical and insightful suggestions about what to do within your organisation in response.  Often, we will devise a suitable advice package, guide or training event specifically to cover it, usually well ahead of the competition.

6. No hidden charges… we know you have to be cost conscious

That’s why we are too, on your behalf. You want clear, certain pricing that can be easily mapped to the value we deliver. That’s why we rarely use hourly rates – preferring fixed annual or project fees. Our core service is our fixed-fee annual retainer scheme. Although we do lots of one-off projects, we love working day-in-day-out, as an extension of your HR team. You get the best advice and support at the most competitive prices. You know how much you’re going to be charged and we even provide a money-back guarantee for new clients.  (Now that’s something you definitely won’t find with any other law firm.)

7. We’re all senior specialists in our field

You won’t get palmed off with juniors, trainees or unqualified advisors. There is simply no substitute for our level of expert, sector-relevant knowledge, developed over many years…  so that’s all we offer.  We’re an expert team, at the top of our game, and that’s all you’ll ever get.

8. We tell it straight

Our advice is ‘straight up’, frank and matter-of-fact. We know you need a fast solution and that means presenting the options and answering all the questions you have. We always provide ‘options based’ advice, weighing up your legal, financial, reputational and other risks to identify the best ways forward in collaboration with you.

9. We look at the whole issue, not just part of it

We’re not traditional tunnel-vision employment lawyers.  We work in a ‘blended’, multi-disciplinary team for a ‘joined up’ approach to solving your HR challenges, offering complete solutions. Across our team we’re driven by what you need us to do, not by what employment lawyers traditionally do. That means we don’t just give the employment law and people management advice that’s required – where useful, we also bring in learning & development, investigations, trade unions, pensions, data protection, pay & reward and any other people management advice and services you may need.  Unlike other employment lawyers, with us the whole problem gets solved, not just part of it.

10. The best results, with the best support

We’re proud to be creative and brave, to help you achieve big, bold outcomes swiftly and successfully.  Whether you need to carry out a major restructure, a large redundancy exercise, far-reaching contract changes or exit some of your most senior executives, this is what we successfully do with our clients every week and we’ve all been doing it for 15-20 years.  Challenges like strikes, multi-claimant Tribunal cases and removing both a CEO and FD in the same day are what we eat for breakfast.  We’re fast, thorough, innovative, highly reassuring and all the other things you need your legal support to be when something big needs doing, and doing well.

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