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One of the biggest complaints we hear about our competitors is that clients get ‘fobbed off’ with unqualified helpline staff or lawyers too junior to add much value.  Well you won’t find any of them here at Menzies Law. 

Every single one of our advisers in our award-winning team is a senior and highly qualified specialist in their field, with years of experience to draw on.  Most of us have over 20 years’ experience each.

Our specialists have appeared as legal experts on BBC News and in a number of newpapers, including The Telegraph, the Evening Standard, The Sun and the Bristol Post.  We regularly speak at national and regional conferences and frequently write articles for leading HR and business publications, such as The HR Director and HR News.

We understand in depth how organisations operate, how people tick and how to get you the best results. Whether you’re looking for employment law, people management or L&D support, you can trust us to deliver the best of everything.

To find out more about our specialists, their experience and what makes them stand out, take a look at their profiles below.

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Luke Menzies

Director, Barrister and Solicitor
0117 325 0921
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Anne-Marie Boyle

Partner, Solicitor
0117 325 0924
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Simon Martin

Partner, Solicitor
0117 325 0929
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Lisa Langston-Able

Consultant Solicitor
0117 325 0926
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Jane Baalam

Pay & Reward Specialist
0117 325 0526
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Victoria Thorne

Practice Manager
0117 325 0922
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To get in touch with any of our specialists, use the contact details above. Alternatively you can get in touch with us on 0117 325 0526 or complete an Online Enquiry.

“A boutique firm that punches well above its weight”

Managing Director, South West manufacturing company