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Negotiated Departures and Dismissals

It’s not always easy to part company with an employee or a board member but it is a necessary and important part of the life-cycle of any organisation.

Expertise to give you confidence

When it’s time for a departure, we’re here to help you.  These things cannot be left to chance, promises and a handshake.  When something as sensitive and high profile as the removal of one of your senior executives is at stake, your own reputation for handling the process smoothly is also on the line.  You need confidence that all legal angles will be  covered and you need a lawyer with a track record of successfully negotiating such departures.

Whatever situation you are facing, amicable or acrimonious, a poor performance, redundancy or misconduct dismissal such as harassment or fraud, we’ve handled them all.  We’ve worked with medium and large listed organisations, private businesses, the public sector and charities.  We’ve exited countless CEOs and even 4 or 5 Directors from the same board in one go. Whatever your circumstances, we are the specialists to support you.

At the heart of our advice is ensuring we understand your priorities, aims and culture.  Is speed of the essence? Is minimising the cost critical, or ensuring you are protected against a competitor?  Whatever is essential to you we’ll steer you through, weighing up the options of a performance or disciplinary process or negotiated exit.

A lack of understanding of the process can be expensive.  That’s why we advise you on your best approach, supporting you thoroughly through the process, negotiations and suggesting the tactics required.  Importantly we’ll take a pragmatic and commercial approach to minimise the disruption to your organisation and to manage your legal and financial exposure.

Bespoke settlement agreements for exits that deserve them

You may have your own settlement agreement template that perhaps you obtained from working with a law firm a few years ago.  You may feel comfortable using it for lower level exits and low risk departures.  But wherever you are parting company with a senior or key person, or where you are wishing to neutralise a genuine legal risk, you and your organisation deserve a high quality, up-to-date settlement agreement that has been properly designed for the particular circumstances.

Having dealt with a huge number and variety of settlement agreements over the years, you won’t get fobbed off with an off-the-shelf template.  We always provide a robust, detailed document that covers everything and protects your business as much as is legally possible.

Senior Executives

Removing a senior executive needs handling properly.  We’re the expert lawyers to help you do that.

When you’re dealing with something as sensitive and high profile as the removal of one of your senior executives, there’s a lot at stake.  That includes your own reputation for handling the process smoothly and ensuring that the legal angles have been properly covered.

Our specialist employment lawyers understand that.  They will take full account of your organisation’s culture, aims and priorities when supporting you in handling an executive’s exit.

Quality and confidence

We’ve been working with medium and large listed and private businesses for many years to advise and support on the departure of senior executives.  Our team’s experience includes many years of working at the highest level in City of London and leading national law firms.  With our ‘niche’ specialist employment law firm you get all the quality and confidence you need that we will handle each senior executive exit with great skill and precision.

There’s no situation we’ve not successfully handled.  We’ve helped remove more CEOs than we could count.  And several times in recent years we’ve handled the exit of 4 or 5 company directors from the same board in one go.

Whether it’s an amicable departure, an acrimonious one, a redundancy, poor performance, fraud or sexual harassment, we’ve handled them all.  We are the specialists to support you.

Bring in the experts

If you use a less specialist employment law service for your day-to-day needs, they may not be the right team for this sort of work.  When you are dealing with the departure of your most senior people, you want the best professional support and skill.  We are happy to come in and support you with specific situations that deserve a real specialist.

All angles covered

Our specialist employment lawyers support you with clear, frank advice and negotiating tactics.  We can help you decide what exit deal terms are reasonable and what’s worth haggling over.  As well as the negotiations and the settlement agreement, our specialists can also advise you on any applicable restrictive covenants.  It’s important to get them right for you and for them to be enforceable.

We’d love to discuss how we can help and the best options for your circumstances


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