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Restrictive Covenants


It really is worth being prepared.

It’s human nature not to want to think about good relationships souring.  But being prepared can make all the difference when a key employee or executive leaves.  That’s where our restrictive covenants expertise come in.

Whether you’re dealing with a current dispute over restrictive covenants or looking to put some in place in your employment contracts to protect your business in the future, we’ve got the experience to help you.


Preventing your key people unfairly competing

Restrictive covenants have near mythical status in employment law circles, even though plenty of employment contracts contain them.  Many are so poorly worded that it is near impossible to work out what they mean. Even if they are worded perfectly, it is often the case that a judge will not agree they are reasonable.

This is where we come in.   Wherever you are looking to prevent your key people from unfairly competing with your business too soon after they’ve left your employment, our restrictive covenants advice and expertise will support you every step of the way.



Getting it right

Getting both the wording and the precise scope of restrictive covenants right is a highly specialised area of employment law.  It’s a tricky balance to make them both reasonable enough on the employees to be enforceable but wide enough to protect you properly.  Our legal team have decades of experience at this sort of work and importantly, how to tailor them to individual sectors and types of organisation.  And – most importantly – to specific key roles in your business.

We’ll start by understanding what you want to achieve, as well as the competitive pressures you’re under in the marketplace.  Our employment law experts will ensure you’re properly protected from risk.


We’ll be there to support you if you need to enforce restrictive covenants in an employment contract or service agreement.  We will represent your business firmly and decisively, using a range of tactics to deter your former staff from breaching (or continuing to breach) their restrictions.  We are highly effective in ensuring compliance.  You will also receive frank and practical advice from us as to what your worthwhile legal options are.

In the rare circumstances where we need to start court proceedings to adequately protect you, our Commercial Dispute Resolution experts are there to obtain injunctions and claim damages payments where necessary.




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