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Equal Pay Audits

Equal pay is a long-standing issue in the UK. For many years we have had legislation aimed at reducing the equal pay gap from a gender perspective.

Many organisations believe that they have a fair pay structure in place and this should be enough to solve the issue.  The problem is, that the gap is often more about how the pay structure has been applied; with hiring and promotions often inadvertently causing issues.  Equal Pay claims can be very costly and carry the extra risk of reputational harm for businesses.

Our Equal Pay Audit looks at your equal pay position, using EHRC guidelines as a basis for identifying whether or not there is an issue. Our extensive report identifies your gaps, helps you determine your legal risks and leaves you with an action plan for the issues you need to resolve.

Of course, pay equality is not always just about gender, and we can also look at the other protected characteristics that are important to you too: ethnicity, age, religion etc.  If you have been able to capture the data, we will be able to assess it.

If you are struggling to get agreement for this, then remember that our legal risk assessment provides you with a legally privileged report.  This is the ideal way to get that first hurdle over with and understand the size of your problem, without having to publish the data beyond your Exec team.


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