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Employee & Management Rep Training

Our employee and management rep training explores the responsibilities of employee representatives. It explains both their duties and the skills they need to be as effective as possible in their roles.

Why is rep training important?

Effective employee representation is an important connection between staff and management.  It enables both sides to understand the others views and positions and crucially, in times of change it can really help improve the quality of decision-making, planning and communication.

Good employee representation keeps staff informed, on-board and engaged and gives an opportunity for challenge and questions.  The role of the employee representative is not an easy one.  Individuals, the workforce as a whole and the business itself often have different needs, priorities and timescales. Additionally change is stressful. Employee representatives need to get the balance right, positioning differing standpoints positively and in a well thought-through way.

Our training is for new, potential or recently elected employee and/or management representatives.  It suits all business sizes and sectors. It can also be a powerful ‘refresher’ for existing employee representatives who may be looking to understand how they can be even more effective in their role.


What can delegates expect from our training?

Delegates to this training can expect to gain a solid understanding of the role and responsibilities of the Management Rep and/or the Employee Rep.

They will learn about the collective consultation process and its goals, know how to apply steps to minimise legal risk and how to achieve and record agreements reached through the process.

Importantly, they will gain both an appreciation of the psychological phenomena at play in the redundancy/reorganisation situation and develop the skills for interacting effectively and compassionately with employees affected by redundancy.


The Content for this training includes:

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