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Gender Pay Gap Reporting

Employers with 250+ people have been required to publish their pay data with reference to gender – in other words, disclose their Gender Pay Gap (GPG) – since April 2017.

GPG Reporting

We’re now in Year 5 of GPG Reporting.  More organisations than ever are required to submit their data.  If you have reached the 250 headcount threshold * and are not sure where to start, or your headcount is lower but you still want to understand your GPG, our reporting services will help you.  We offer a variety of approaches from a general ‘sense-check’ through to a full calculation.

Calculating your GPG can be a bit of a mine field, especially if you have a diverse workforce or business set up.  Our specialists can help you work through the right approach for you.  From which groups of staff must be included through to how to create the right messages about what the data really means, we can support you.  We assist in creating your reporting statistics, and the commentary you should publish alongside.

We know that the next generation (known at Gen Z) are quite openly admitting that their decisions on who will be their future employer are often based on the reputation of the organisation.  If you want to even take part in the war for talent, you are going to need to show that you are proactively dealing with the issue.  This is why many smaller employers promoting a culture of transparency and championing pay equality are using GPG reporting as part of their strategy.

Once you take steps to identify your GPG, you will understand the extent of your organisation’s vulnerability to equal pay claims.  The data will enable you to formulate a strategy to phase out any GPG as quickly as you can.

Reported GPG data will be available to all your workforce and beyond, and could create the following significant risks for you:

  • Disclosure of sensitive pay data
  • Damage to your employee relations and trade union relations
  • Impact on workforce morale, engagement and productivity
  • Significant cost of equal pay claims from current and former employees going back over many years
  • Reputational harm to your organisation through negative publicity
  • Impact on employee attraction, engagement and retention
  • Impact on your procurement bids, particularly public sector

*From 2024 businesses with 150+ staff will need to report their GPG and in 2025 this is extends to organisations of 50+ staff 

How can we help?

As one of the UK’s leading specialist legal consultancy teams on the GPG, we’ve led the way since 2015 with our Gender Pay Gap Audit and Advice Services.   We were fortunate to have attracted the attention of the Legal 500, winning the UK Regional Law Firm of the Year (Human Resources) in 2018 for this work.

We’ve worked with a wide range of medium and large employers to carry out their GPG calculations and reports.  We’ve also conducted their Equal Pay audits and provided specialist legal advice on their areas of risk.  Our detailed practical recommendations have given them concrete steps to take to analyse the drivers of any GPG’s and then to reduce those gaps and their legal risks.

Our multi-disciplinary GPG team can help you too.  Combining senior Pay & Reward consultants, highly experienced Equal Pay auditors and leading specialist employment lawyers, we work together to give you the reporting, the analysis and the legal risk assessment you need – all in one place.

Now that the GPG reporting requirements are being extended to smaller organisations, we look forward to supporting them too and helping them navigate their reporting requirements.


Our Gender Pay Gap Audit and Advice Services

We offer three options to suit all budgets and circumstances; Gender Pay Gap Audit and Advice, Gender Pay Gap Review and Gender Pay Gap Sense Check.

Gender Pay Gap Audit and Advice – provides all the audit, data analysis and legal advice support that you will need for the GPG reporting process.  Our equal pay legal experts will work seamlessly with our equal pay audit partner to:

  • crunch the numbers for all of your workforce pay and benefits
  • provide a detailed equal pay report
  • identify your GPG and highlight any areas of high risk
  • advise you on the legal risks and how to minimize them
  • support you in formulating an action plan for addressing the various risks

Gender Pay Gap Review – establishes, at a much more basic level, what your headline equal pay position might be, providing advice on key areas of risk that may arise from our review of your pay data.

Gender Pay Gap Sense-check for those planning on calculating their own GPG.  We simply check your calculations to ensure you’ve taken the right approach and that your GPG data is ready for publication.

Why Choose Menzies Law?

  • Our GPG services come with clear, transparent, fixed prices, depending on your number of employees. Please Contact us to discuss your requirements and the relevant pricing for your organisation.
  • Unlike accountancy firms and HR consultancies, our report will be protected by legal privilege because we’re a law firm. This means you can’t be forced to disclose it during any legal claim. That could be a critical advantage.
  • We believe our blended approach of a pay specialist and an equal pay legal expert working together to produce the Audit & Advice report is unique.
  • It will provide you with the best possible quality of report, covering all the pay, HR and legal angles.
  • Jane Baalam our Pay & Reward specialist is a leading equal pay, pay structure and job evaluation specialist, with vast experience over all sectors and all types of employer.
  • As leading GPG and Equal Pay experts, we are heavily involved in this area and regularly writing and speaking about it.  Search our News & Blogs section for articles on Equal Pay and Gender Pay Gap
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