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 Restructuring & Redundancy

A robust process…yet with empathy.

That’s our view on how restructuring and redundancies should be handled.  Legally watertight but taking a human towards those affected.

The redundancy process whilst simple in theory, can reveal several legal conundrums requiring specialist advice.  Poor quality or ‘off the shelf’ advice which comes with a helpline or from a junior or inexperienced lawyer will not help with these complexities.  With people’s jobs and livelihoods on the line you want an expert, not only in employment law, but in what is needed to make this sort of process robust, reasonable and dignified for your employees.

If our decades of expertise in this area has taught us one thing, it’s that taking a human approach reduces your legal risk enormously.

Whatever size or sector you’re in and whatever you’re grappling with, we’re here to help.  Our team of employment lawyers and HR specialists have a wealth of experience in getting restructuring and redundancies right procedurally.  We’ve supported many restructuring and redundancy exercises over the years and have helped run numerous redundancy meetings.  These have included single or team redundancies as well as processes affecting hundreds of people, such as full business closures.

Planning is key

Our advice and support at the initial planning stage, shaping your strategy and contributing to the overall process and timetable can really reap rewards for you.  Our experience successfully defending multiple redundancy unfair dismissal claims will be at your disposal.  We provide you with the highest level of advice on your selection pools, selection criteria and scoring methods as well as scripts for meetings and record keeping.

We’re there along the way too – for the many questions and concerns that crop up for you and your employees.

Collective consultation applicable?

If you’re potentially making more than X  people redundant, you’ll find our experience of consulting with trade unions and elected staff committees enormously useful.  Collective consultation is one of our particular specialisms (along with generally managing your trade union relationships).

With us you get decades of experience in how to pitch your consultation proposals and ways to reach agreement.  Whether it’s consulting on 21 voluntary redundancies or managing 300 compulsory ones through collective consultation with an irate trade union during a strike, we’ve seen and done it all.  We will guide you safely through.  We can even train your employee and management reps with our Employee & Management Rep workshops.

Employment Tribunal claims

Our primary aim is of course to protect you from Employment Tribunal claims. But the reality is that they do arise.

If they do, we’ve got the skill to support you with one of the strongest Employment Tribunal defence teams in the region.  Creating an effective defence, offering pragmatic and commercial advice along the way to get you to where you want to be and doing so as quickly and cost effectively as possible is what we’re about.

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