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Employment Law Essentials Workshops

This training workshop is designed to be most helpful for HR professionals, supervisors and managers.  It covers the ‘basic’ employment law to be aware of at pre-employment stages as well as during employment. 

Ensuring the right people in an organisation have a firm foundation in employment law is becoming increasingly important.  Society is shifting, employees are better-informed about their rights, more likely to question an employer’s actions and likely to have legal representation in any Tribunal claim.

Unsurprisingly, Employment Tribunals awards are increasing too.  During 2022/23,  Disability Discrimination jurisdictions claims receiving the largest average award (£45,000) compared to other forms of discrimination and Unfair Dismissal claims receiving compensation jumped by 24% on 2021/22.

In our experience, employers whose HR teams understand the basic framework of UK employment law are less likely to find themselves in an employment tribunal.  A strong footing in employment law is a wise investment and just what our training is designed to do.

As with all Menzies Law legal training, the content of our Employment Law Essentials workshop is designed and delivered by our practicing employment lawyers.  They ensure the training content is delivered in a way, and at a pace, suitable for a range of delegates.

This training is most suitable for:

  • Junior HR professionals building their employment law knowledge and experience
  • HR Professionals looking to refresh their employment law knowledge
  • Managers and supervisors looking for a firm foundation in employment law

You can expect an engaging and stimulating course.  Our lawyers use their 20+ years of practicing employment law to bring to life a host of important legal points.  They are keen to ensure all delegates understand the key employment law and how they can apply it in their roles.  We know that as an employer you need to ensure a good return on their training investment, and this is at the heart of all training we design and deliver.

Workshop Content

Our Employment Law Essentials workshops are  divided into 2 half days:

Part 1 – Pre-employment & some employment law basics topics:

  • The recruitment process
  • The contract
  • When employment starts, withdrawing offers, cancelling contracts
  • Pre-employment checks
  • Employment status
  • Part-time work, fixed-term contracts, agency employees
  • Flexible working & dependent leave requests
  • Parental bereavement leave
  • Family leave in all its forms
  • Email/internet/social media abuse


Part 2 – More Employment law basics 

  • Discrimination
  • Protected characteristics, harassment and bullying
  • Absenteeism, poor performers and performance management
  • Capability procedures & dealing with misconduct
  • Employee mental health
  • Grievances
  • Dismissals
  • ACAS Code of Practice
  • Redundancy procedure and dismissals
  • Fair dismissals & dealing with appeals
  • Wrongful and Constructive dismissal
  • The cost of getting it wrong, compensation levels
  • Settlement Agreements
  • Employment Tribunals and ACAS Early Conciliation



Feedback from previous attendees:

“Many thanks for the training sessions – it has really helped solidify the Employment Law module I have just completed for my CIPD Level 7.”

“Your training has been a great refresher. My employment law knowledge was a bit out of date because I’ve spent the last few years in HR projects. I’m now equipped to go back to the ‘frontline’ so thankyou!”

“Thank you very much for providing such a great training. I feel like I now have a good general understanding and will be more confident in the future when I need to make a decision. I’ll also know when I need to call you.”

“A wide range of topics covered and the reassurance that we are correct in our HR management and decisions. Good pace, opportunity to ask questions and two mornings well spent.”

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