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Employment Law Training

Our employment law training is designed and delivered by practicing employment lawyers.

Did you know, you are less likely to find yourself in an Employment Tribunal if your management and HR teams understand the basic framework of UK employment law?

Ensuring your managers have a solid understanding of  employment law and the basic skills in applying it is a sound business decision.  And if you are looking for training in specific areas of employment law, look no further.  We offer a wide range of employment law workshops.  Each is tailored to the requirements of your organisation.  Each is designed and delivered by lawyers who spend their days defending employment tribunals.

We offer a wide variety of Employment law training but the common thread running through all our workshops is the emphasis on practical solutions, an absence of legal jargon and a guaranteed engaging and memorable delivery to ensure you get a return on your investment.

We want your business to gain the skills to manage UK employment law issues.  We have the expertise to help you understand the risks posed by employment legislation and we can assist you in implementing best practice through pragmatic and interactive training workshops.

Our employment lawyers offer training on a range of UK employment law issues. We work closely with our clients to deliver bespoke legal training to HR teams, line managers and executive teams, employees and employee and management representatives.


Employment law training workshops from Menzies Law’s lawyers:

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