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TUPE Training

TUPE rules and regulations are highly complex.  Despite being over 40 years old, they still generate significant new caselaw every year.

And just to make things even more complicated, sometimes it’s difficult to figure out if they even apply to your situation.

Despite the huge numbers of employees that transfer every year, the employment law around TUPE remains a tricky and often misunderstood part of UK employment law.  Due to its complexity, employers regularly ask us to provide advice on TUPE rules and regulations. TUPE is one of the most frequent requests we get as a topic for our employment law events.

A bit of training goes a long way however.  Our training is designed to de-code and de-mystify TUPE and as experts in this field we’re unashamed to admit, we’re a bit obsessed. But because we are, it means you don’t have to be!


What does our TUPE Training cover?

Our training can be shaped to cover whatever is most relevant for your business and the TUPE knowledge levels within it.  Typically we can include:

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